God Will Bring His Best

2nd Kings 6 carries one of the most encouraging stories for me personally. It’s a wonderful reminder that if God is for you, those against you are losers.

So from verse 6, the story is told of how the king of Syria had war with Israel, and hatched certain strategies to bring them down. Unfortunately for him, the prophet Elisha had his spiritual antennae on, and got to know of the strategies and informed the king of Israel. The Syrian king, seeing his plan foiled, was not happy and thought he had snitches in his ranks. But he was informed that their problem was Elisha, so he sent troops to go capture the prophet.

The troops encircled the whole city! Such a large number seeking to capture just one man. That would be enough to terrify the living daylight out of any regular human being. His servant, upon seeing the troops, was absolutely petrified and obviously in a state of panic.

The one they wanted, however, was barely moved.

Elisha simply told his servant not to fear, stating, “… for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” He then prayed to the Lord for his servant’s eyes to be opened. And when the Lord answered his prayer, the servant saw things well beyond the physical realm.

Horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha! Obviously, the Syrians wouldn’t stand a chance against these heavenly armies.

The simple question that arises from this: if that was Elisha’s situation in the Old Testament, how much more believers in the New Testament?

As sons and daughters of Elohim, the apples of His eye, we always have heavenly forces encamped around us, fiercely committed to protect us from the evil one and his attempts to destroy us. It’s unfortunate that many of us tend to be ignorant or forgetful about this, just as the servant of Elisha was. Many of us need to have our spiritual eyes opened, too. Living in fear of attacks from evil spirits in your sleep and the like is not your portion at all. Understand that the God of Angel Armies has His troops assigned to keep you from the wiles of the evil one, and begin to walk in the knowledge of that reality. Even if all the forces of hell decide to gang up on you, they will never be any match for the heavenly forces.

So, let the devil bring his worst! God will bring His best! And we all know who the Victor will be.

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