He’ll Do It

Going through the first few books of the Bible gives a lesson on how fickle people can be. Especially from Exodus onwards. Not an easy thing.

For this post, the focus is on the reaction of the Israelites after Moses and Aaron had their first encounter with Pharoah.

I don’t know about you, but it’s extremely hard to have any kind of liking for Pharoah in chapter 5 of Exodus. Not only did he dismiss the God-sent duo, he gave the Israelites a ridiculous work schedule. I mean, how do you tell the people you won’t supply them with the needed raw materials to make bricks, and still demand that they maintain the same number of bricks made per day? That’s just evil!

After they put Moses on blast, and he in turn went to complain to God, our Lord reiterated His promise. He made it abundantly clear that He had heard their cries, and that He would deliver them from the grip of the Egyptians. When Moses went to repeat this to them, though…

Exodus 6:9 Moses spoke thus to the people of Israel, but they did not listen to Moses, because of their broken spirit and harsh slavery.

Clearly, the Israelites were a lot more focused on their present circumstances. They were being punished for not producing the number of bricks required, and Pharoah had already made them know they weren’t getting any vacations anytime soon. So they were really peeved.

As I read this, however, what I heard was, if they had known what was ahead of them, they wouldn’t have been sulking and all.

We go through tough times in life, and obviously, they can leave us feeling down and out, defeated and discouraged. Sometimes, we are reminded of God’s promises, but they feel like something out of a fantasy compared to the current situation. If we can be honest with ourselves, we’re most of the time no different from the Israelites.

But do we remember how things ended up for them?

Of course! We know the story very well. The ten plagues, followed by them practically being driven out of the country, and the crossing of the sea, and the drowning of the Egyptian army. We know it all ended in victory for the Israelites.

The point is, as hard as it may be for us to really fathom that things may get better when we’re going through the fire, the God who delivered Israel from the cruel, harsh hands of Egypt is the same God we serve. When it looks like things will go downhill totally, He steps in and makes a way that simply blows your mind. At the end of the day, He wants the glory from your story, and He’s not really gonna get that much if your situation is super cheap.

I don’t know what situation you might be enduring at the moment. Maybe it’s left you feeling very despondent and hopeless; you’re feeling like there’s no other way but down, and the promises of God are just cute words on the pages of a Bible, or some random statement some ‘man of God’ made. Just know, it’s nothing strange. But go a step further than the Israelites, and believe God! He does not break His promise. If He says He’ll do this, you better believe He’ll do it.

As a well-known song goes, “My God who began it, He will accomplish it.” Never doubt it. He told the Israelites He would save them, and He did it. If He’s told you He’ll do it for you, never mind the storms that will pop up in your way. He will not fail.

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