Fill The Waterpots

In the gospel of John, we have the well-known account of the first miracle Jesus performed; turning water into wine. The likelihood is that you reading this is very familiar with that story, and how our Saviour saved the couple from potential embarrassment.

Let’s consider one thing, though. This miracle teaches us the importance of working out our faith in Christ, and the part man has to play in being blessed by God.

There is a saying by Mike Bickle of IHoP, that we as humans cannot do God’s part, and that God will not do our part. If we’re seeking a blessing from the Lord, and He issues a command to be carried out, it is important that we obey with zealous expectation. If we don’t, expecting that He’s going to do all the work, then we’re obviously setting ourselves up for deserved disappointment.

At the end of the day, refusing to do your part in bringing God’s blessings upon your life, as well as the lives of others, is pretty much a blatant display of your lack of faith. As the apostle James vividly points out, faith without works is dead. If our faith is authentic, it won’t be made apparent in just words and proclamations that we have faith. When God tells us to do something, we will carry it out, knowing that inasmuch as our efforts in and of themselves are insufficient, they are necessary. Especially considering it is what God expects us to do.

Whatever blessing it is you’re anticipating from the Lord this day, hear what He expects you to do, and get it done. And when you do it, do it with a heart full of expectation, knowing that as you do your part, He will most definitely do what mortal man cannot do.

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